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Fatjack’s 2006 Show Truck


  • “Precision Series” Tractor
  • “Signature Series” Trailer
  • 1:53rd Scale Diecast by Tonkin Replicas
  • 379 Peterbilt with Flat-Top Sleeper
  • Painted in Fatjack’s Extreme Red
  • 48’ Spread-Axle Reefer


Quality Workmanship is Job One at Fatjack’s

  • This is a hand-crafted custom-built model, not a production model.
  • Both the tractor and trailer are radical rebuilds from the original models.
  • In keeping with the outlaw style of design, the truck was kept “tidy” without clutter, including a minimum number of lights.
  • “If you don’t look good when you go…there’s no point in going!”


Special Detailing and Features BY FATJACK’S LARGECARS

  • The tractor was rebuilt from the ground up. Everything was removed from the cab and sleeper, including the interior of both and all original paint stripped from the entire model.
  • The frame was stretched using brass rails and soldered crossmembers. The new frame provides a 335” wheelbase.
  • The paint is “Fatjack’s Extreme Red.”
  • The trailer is painted a medium sliver gray trimmed in Extreme Red.
  • Air horns and standard cab marker lights removed from roof.
  • Cab marker lights are glass-like reflective lenses.
  • The high standing shift lever is chrome, with a custom-made shift knob.
  • The seats and door panels are redone in rust and black.
  • The dash is repainted in Extreme Red.
  • Real wood flooring was installed and the seats lowered.
  • The outlaw grille was fabricated by hand in my shop.
  • The standard “flat top” sleeper roof was fabricated by hand in my shop. The new roof removes like the original to view the interior. Side faring removed from rear of sleeper sides.
  • Mirror-mount turn signals feature hand made housings and glass-like reflective lenses.
  • Tinted windows cab and sleeper.
  • Fatjack’s painted outlaw bumper with embedded headlights.
  • Fatjack’s painted drop visor.
  • Single 8-inch diameter grass-burner exhaust.
  • Fatjack’s “Fatboy” fuel tanks, with three polished stainless steel straps each tank.
  • Painted deck plate and contoured rear frame cover.
  • Service line hookups at rear of frame.
  • Four tail lights on rear wall of sleeper.
  • Custom rear light bar.
  • Front fender mudflaps.
  • Single CB antenna, mounted top center on rear of sleeper.
  • Tool boxes on both sides of frame.
  • Modified Kenworth quarter fenders.
  • Rear suspension lowered.
  • Side marker lights on cab and sleeper removed.
  • Train horn mounted behind sleeper on deck plate.
  • Windshields were leveled out.
  • Custom lettering on cab doors.
  • A more accurate and detailed Cummins ISX engine taken from a Tonkin W900L Kenworth and modified to fit the Peterbilt.



  • The trailer features a 10’-2” spread of the axles.
  • Body lowered on the frame.
  • Landing gear moved forward.
  • New kingpin set at 24”.
  • Glass-like marker lights added along lower side rail.
  • The additional side marker lights and the tail lights are actual reflective lenses, NOT painted or decals!
  • Complete trim painting package.
  • Fatjack’s “PNW” service line hookups under frame ahead of the landing gear, with coiled air lines and electrical cable.
  • Custom lettering and my “Laughing Jackass” icon on doors.


PLUS ALL OF THE Standard features of the Tonkin Replicas 379 PETERBILT

  • Removable sleeper roof and opening cab doors

Fully detailed interior:

  • Tooled dash
  • Highback seats
  • Shift lever with floor boot
  • Replication of authentic Peterbilt interior
  • Cabinets in sleeper
  • “Scale” carpet throughout
  • Everything is there! (If I forgot something – it’s there!)

Fully detailed engine compartment:

  • Hood tilts featuring an ISX Cummins engine
  • Radiator
  • Fan and belts

Chassis and Other Details:

  • All wheels rotate
  • Steerable front wheels
  • Undercarriage fully detailed with independent castings for dimensional relief, include the exhaust system, air tanks, driveline, and differentials, and complete front axle assembly, including springs, axle, tie rod, etc.
  • Bottom engine and transmission detail, and the rear suspension are tooled in place.
  • Holland Hitch fifthwheel



  • This model was built for my personal collection and to be used as a display piece and advertising for Fatjack's LargeCars.
  • The same process and building techniques were utilized to build this model that are used for building all custom models. All of my custom diecast models are individually hand-built.
  • This model is not for sale, although I will build a similar model by request, but not an exact duplicate.
  • Retail price? Email for a quote.



  • Details on how my models are built.
  • Why custom trucks from Fatjack’s LargeCars stand out in the midst of all other custom diecast trucks.



  • The "Precision Series" from Tonkin Replicas offers the ultimate in accurate detailing found in diecast trucks today.  Inside and out, from top to bottom-front to rear, it's all there!
  • Custom-built trucks from Fatjack’s LargeCars are quality built, bringing you unequaled detailing and workmanship, taking diecast trucks to new levels of excellence!
  • Quality Built By A Trucker Who Knows Trucks
  • Go ahead, get close…The closer you get to a Fatjack’s LargeCar, the better it looks!


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