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  • Dave’s Personal Stretched and Dressed Chicken Cruiser
  • 379 Peterbilt with Flat-Top Sleeper
  • Custom-Mixed Bright Yellow
  • Trimmed in Fatjack’s Powder Green


  • “Precision Series” Tractor
  • “Signature Series” Trailer
  • 1:53rd Scale Diecast by Tonkin Replicas

Quality Workmanship is Job One at Fatjack’s

  • This is a hand-crafted custom-built model, not a production model.
  • Both the tractor and trailer are radical rebuilds from the original models.
  • The model was built to my specifications as I would spec out a real truck of this type.
  • The truck was kept “tidy” without clutter.
  • “If you don’t look good when you go…there’s no point in going!”

Special Detailing and Features BY FATJACK’S LARGECARS

  • The tractor was rebuilt from the ground up. Everything was removed from the cab and sleeper, including the interior of both.
  • The new frame provides a 337” wheelbase.
  • An auxiliary transmission mounted mid-frame, complete with two driveshafts and carrier bearings.
  • All original paint stripped from the entire model.
  • The bright yellow was a one-time special mix just for this truck. The green trim is “Fatjack’s Powder Green.”
  • Two air horns instead of four.
  • Cab marker light lenses painted very deep amber with a high-gloss overcoat to replicate vintage glass lenses. As with the real lights of this type, they actually appear deep red in the daylight. The real lights have a unique deep amber color at night.
  • Since the truck features an auxiliary transmission, the interior features 2-sticks. Both shift levers are chrome, have floor boots, and custom shift knobs. I wanted both sticks to be noticeable on the finished model when the doors are open, so I made a set of “Kentucky High Sticks.”
  • The standard “flat top” sleeper roof was fabricated by hand in my shop. The new roof removes like the original to view the interior.
  • Tinted windows cab and sleeper.
  • Fatjack’s “Cool Blade” 20” bumper.
  • Fatjack’s “Drop Visor”
  • Fatjack’s “Hot Pipes” 7-inch diameter muffler topper stacks.
  • Fatjack’s “Fatboy” fuel tanks, with three polished stainless steel straps each tank.
  • Stainless steel full length deck plate.
  • Stainless contoured rear frame cover.
  • Stainless trim panel on rear wall of sleeper.
  • Stainless rear mudflaps.
  • Front fender mudflaps.
  • Stepbox mudflaps.
  • Scale ½” diameter CB antennas, Francis red antennas with angle mount.
  • Tire snow chains with hangers on both sides of frame.
  • Standard Peterbilt quarter fenders.
  • Additional stepbox on each side of frame.
  • Fatjack’s “PNW” service line hookups at rear of frame.
  • Rear suspension lowered.
  • Side marker lights on cab and sleeper removed.


  • The trailer features a 10’-2” spread of the axles.
  • Body lowered on the frame.
  • Landing gear moved forward.
  • New kingpin set at 24”.
  • New marker lights added along lower side rail.
  • The additional side marker lights and the tail lights are actual reflective lenses, NOT painted or decals!
  • Complete trim painting package.
  • Fatjack’s “PNW” service line hookups under frame ahead of the landing, with coiled air lines and electrical cable.
  • My “Laughing Jackass” icon on right door. In other words, a donkey on the truck’s donkey.

PLUS ALL OF THE Standard features of the Tonkin Replicas 379 PETERBILT

  • Removable sleeper roof and opening cab doors

Fully detailed interior:

  • Tooled dash
  • Highback seats
  • Shift lever with floor boot
  • Replication of authentic Peterbilt interior
  • Cabinets in sleeper
  • “Scale” carpet throughout
  • Everything is there! (If I forgot something – it’s there!)

Fully detailed engine compartment:

  • Hood tilts featuring an ISX Cummins engine
  • Radiator
  • Fan and belts

Chassis and Other Details:

  • All wheels rotate
  • Steerable front wheels
  • Undercarriage fully detailed with independent castings for dimensional relief, include the exhaust system, air tanks, driveline, and differentials, and complete front axle assembly, including springs, axle, tie rod, etc.
  • Bottom engine and transmission detail, and the rear suspension are tooled in place.
  • Holland Hitch fifthwheel
  • For detail photos of the interior, engine, etc., See my Peterbilt listings in the Tonkin Replicas Department of my website.


  • This model was built for my personal collection and to be used as a display piece for Fatjack's LargeCars.
  • The same process and building techniques were utilized to build this model that are used for building all custom models. All of my custom diecast models are individually hand-built.
  • This model is not for sale, although I will build a similar model by request, but not an exact duplicate.
  • Retail price? Email for a quote. In terms of parts and labor, this model cost me $1,000 to build. Retail price is higher.


  • Details on how my models are built.
  • Why custom trucks from Fatjack’s LargeCars stand out in the midst of all other custom diecast trucks.


  • The "Precision Series" from Tonkin Replicas offers the ultimate in accurate detailing found in diecast trucks today.  Inside and out, from top to bottom-front to rear, it's all there!
  • Custom-built trucks from Fatjack’s LargeCars are quality built by a trucker who knows trucks, bringing you unequaled detailing and workmanship, taking diecast trucks to new levels of excellence!
  • Quality Built By A Trucker Who Knows Trucks
  • Go ahead, get close…The closer you get to a Fatjack’s LargeCar, the better it looks!


Replicating Real Trucks with Exquisite Scale Models

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