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Fatjack's Customized LargeCar - Inventory # fjlc1034


Click here to read and see explanations of Fatjack's individual customizing details. The details are not specific to any model but represent the craftsmanship used to accomplish the detail regardless of on which truck it appears.


  • Dave’s Personal Collection
  • A Stretched, Dressed, and Chromed LargeCar
  • 379 Peterbilt Mid-Roof Studio Sleeper
  • Metallic Black
  • Trimmed with Fatjack’s Intense Tangerine (Pearl)
  • With 48-ft. Spread-Axle Reefer
  • White trimmed in Fatjack’s Intense Tangerine (Pearl) to match the tractor

Quality Workmanship is Job One at Fatjack’s

  • This is a hand-crafted custom-built model, not a production model.
  • Both the tractor and trailer are radical rebuilds from the original models.
  • Only one truck is built at a time, with most components fabricated in my own shop and hand-fitted to the model.
  • The truck shown is not for sale, but one like it can be ordered.
  • It will be placed in my shop schedule in the normal manner of first come-first served.
  • My shop schedule varies, but usually delivery is within 6 weeks.


  • Base model is Tonkin Replicas Precision Series 379X Peterbilt with brushed aluminum dash.
  • Extended wheelbase on lengthened frame.
  • Custom seamless “Fatboy” fuel tanks with genuine polished stainless steel straps. “Fatboy” fuel tanks are slightly larger in diameter than the stock fuel tanks.
  • Fenders, stepboxes, and fuel tanks painted with custom trim color.


This truck is trimmed with Fatjack’s “Intense Tangerine” (Pearl). The pearl is heavily imbedded with an extremely fine metallic. It’s difficult to get this to show up well in photos, especially the depth of the color. Pearl colors are difficult to spray due to numerous factors that can affect the final color shade, but the final result was certainly worth the effort on this truck. Pearls are also difficult to photograph on a model and come out right. The one detail photo shows the intense metallic that is in the color, although it has a yellowish look to it due to the intense lighting of the close-up flash.

  • Fatjack’s “Hot Pipes” Muffler Toppers. “Hot Pipes” are my signature stacks.
  • Highly polished stainless steel drop sunvisor.
  • Fatjack’s “Cool Blade” 20-in. wide (tall) highly polished stainless steel bumper.
  • Polished stainless steel cowl and stepbox trim. The cowl is the spacer between the hood and stepbox, directly beneath the air cleaners. Photos show these details very well.
  • Small mudflaps with Peterbilt oval emblem on front fenders and stepboxes.
  • Polished stainless steel deck plates, including a filler between the fifthwheel slider rails and also a contoured rear frame cover—sweet mercy—let it shine!
  • Pogo stick with coiled service lines.
  • Polished stainless steel half fenders.
  • Tinted side windows, cab and sleeper.
  • CB antennas.
  • Rear of tractor slightly lowered to better replicate Peterbilt low-ride suspension.
  • “Peterbilt” rear mudflaps. See various photos.
  • The tractor features all of the normal Precision Series details.


  • The trailer is Signature Series by Tonkin Replicas. It’s a good looking model and well made, but does not have the detailing refinements that the Precision Series dry vans do, such as interior. After rebuilding by Fatjack’s, the trailer becomes a show piece!
  • Not only has the trailer been modified into a spread-axle, but the suspension and body were modified so the trailer body is lower and rides very close to the tires. The spread is 10’-2”, very common setting for reefers. Each axle has simulated air ride suspension.
  • The landing gear set forward.
  • New fifthwheel plate with 24-in. kingpin setting.
  • Polished stainless steel fenders, and stainless trim on front side of each axle frame, and also stainless trim between rear bumper uprights. Rear mudflaps on both axles have “tips” that simulate flexible flaps at bottom of the stainless steel. See photos for details.
  • Precision Series SB-300 Thermo-King refrigeration unit.
  • Scratchbuilt reefer fuel tank with polished stainless steel straps and chrome fuel filler cap.
  • Precision Series oval hole wheels that match tractor wheels.
  • Entire underframe painted with Fatjack’s Intense Tangerine to match the tractor trim color.
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