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Technical Info

The photo album is in PDF format and Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5 or newer is required (Acrobat Reader is a free download from Adobe). The CD will run on operating systems as old as Windows 95, but will not read on earlier versions of Acrobat Reader.

A Truck Photographer’s Diary
NW Transport Service

  • A Truck Photographer’s Diary Vol. 4, NW Transport Service, is a collection of photos featuring NorthWest Transport Service and NationsWay Transport Service, better known as NW.  These photos are of the equipment, plus some miscellaneous photos.  A “Profile” of the company is also included and provides some interesting reading.
  • This photo CD replaces the original Vol. 4, NW Transport Service CD.  The first NW CD was very good; this one is great.  Most of the photos in this CD are much higher quality than the original CD.  This CD also contains some never before published photos, plus a new chapter on NW intermodal rail operations.  NW was not a big player in intermodal, but did ship by rail.
  • My goal for this CD is to provide an overview of the company, and it does that very well.
  • I took many of the photos in this album, and some are from my personal collection of photos that I collected over the years from other sources.
  • This is a large photo album, and is well organized between NorthWest and NationsWay.  It's an automated slideshow and can also be viewed manually.  In manual mode you can scroll down to whatever page or chapter you want to look at.  At that point you can restart the slideshow again if you want.  The chapters are as follows:
  • Copyright, Introduction, and Preface
  • NW Transport Service Company Profile
  • Chapter One – NorthWest Transport Service
  • Chapter Two – NationsWay Transport Service
  • Chapter Three – Trailers
  • Chapter Four – City Trucks
  • Chapter Five – Rail Operations
  • Chapter Six – Miscellaneous
  • NW Transport Service was a good company, and their shut down was a sad time in trucking history.
  • The images are in pristine condition and will view excellently on screen.  A few may be slightly less than perfect, but I feel the historic value of the trucks shown out weighs the technical aspects of the photo.
  • Pages may be printed for personal non-commercial use only – not for public distribution by any manual, mechanical or electronic means.
  • Acrobat Reader 5.0 or newer is required for reading the photo album.  Acrobat Reader is installed on most new computers, or you can download it free at: www.adobe.com
  • No part of this CD photo album, in whole or in part, or the photos contained herein, in whole or in part, may be reproduced, transmitted, scanned or distributed by any manual, mechanical or electronic means or devices without express written permission from the author and publisher.
  • Neither the CD nor the contents are public shareware.  Copyright laws apply.
  • Custom enlargements and posters are available directly from the author.  All custom enlargements and posters are professionally printed on glossy heavy weight photo paper.  Not all photos may be available as individual prints, but most are.  Email inquiries to: dabontrager@yahoo.com or sales@fatjacksplace.com

About The Author

  • Dave’s mother took photos of his dad’s trucks in the 1940s and 1950s and is the one responsible for Dave’s interest in truck photography.  As a boy, Dave began photographing trucks in the mid-1950s, and also collected photos from trucking companies.  Over the years Dave learned to know many people who collected truck photos, and many of these acquaintances sent him photos.  Dave of course is quite a historian on the trucking industry and the trucks.  Dave’s passion for truck photography continues today.  He is now retired and lives with his wife Anna near Elnora, Indiana.