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Technical Info

The photo album is in PDF format and Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5 or newer is required (Acrobat Reader is a free download from Adobe). The CD will run on operating systems as old as Windows 95, but will not read on earlier versions of Acrobat Reader.


A Truck Photographer’s Diary, Vol. 43–Cool Rides 23, is the twenty-third in a series of CD photo albums featuring photos of cool trucks.

Most of the photos were taken in 2007, with a few taken in 2008 by my former trucking partner and fellow truck photographer Bill Arseneau. All photos were used with permission of the photographer.

The photos were taken in various areas of the Western United States; most are action views with beautiful backgrounds.

The album features 150 photos. It begins with a potpourri of 80 photos of different types of trucks. The photos range from good weather to bad winter weather. Some of the winter-time shots were taken in low light conditions and also during snow storms, which produces some very unique photos. The album finishes with a photo essay of 70 photos of household movers.

The images are in pristine condition and will view excellently on screen. A few may be slightly less than perfect, but I feel the historic value of the trucks shown out weighs the technical aspects of the photo.

Pages may be printed for personal non-commercial use only – not for public distribution by any manual, mechanical or electronic means.

Acrobat Reader 5.0 or newer is required for reading the photo album. Acrobat Reader is installed on most new computers, or you can download it free at: www.adobe.com

The photo album is an automated slideshow and can also be viewed manually. Instructions are included.

No part of this CD photo album, in whole or in part, or the photos contained herein, in whole or in part, may be reproduced, transmitted, scanned or distributed by any manual, mechanical or electronic means or devices without express written permission from the author and publisher.

Neither the CD nor the contents are public shareware. Custom enlargements and posters are available directly from the author. All custom enlargements and posters are professionally printed. Not all photos may be available as individual prints, but most are. Contact the author for details. Copyright laws apply.