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Technical Info

The photo album is in PDF format and Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5 or newer is required (Acrobat Reader is a free download from Adobe). The CD will run on operating systems as old as Windows 95, but will not read on earlier versions of Acrobat Reader.

Colorado & Western Railroad Co.
1:87 Scale Models Built by Dave Bontrager
Locomotives & Cabooses
Model Builder, Photographer, Author, and Editor: David A. Bontrager
Publisher: DABble Publishing & Imaging

  • The photos in this CD photo album show my efforts in freelance railroad modeling in 1:87 scale.  This is not a “how to” book, but rather photos of the finished models.  The CD is designed to not only show my models, but also my close-up photography, different lighting angles and different backdrops.  The detailing, paint, and weathering ranges from radical to excellent.  One thing for sure, my quality of workmanship could withstand the critical close-up camera lens.  I began the Colorado & Western Railroad Co. (C&W) in the late-1960s, but most of the models in this CD were built from the late-1980s thru the 1990s.  The CD finishes with two truck models I built, lettered for BTS (Bontrager Truck Service), which is a subsidiary of the C&W.  The models in this CD represent some of the finest 1:87 (HO) scale railroad and truck modeling you will find anywhere.
  • This is a very large CD with well over 200-photos.
  • Both color and black & white photos are presented as I loved both.
  • This is a great CD and perhaps an inspiration for the reader to engage in railroad modeling and/or model railroading.

About The Author

  • During the years that Dave lived in Colorado he was a prolific 1:87 scale railroad and truck modeler.  Despite poor health, Dave still does model railroading as he can, but now works in 1:48 scale, On30 narrow gauge, as HO scale is too small for him to work with now.  His On30 narrow gauge railroad is the SCLN&TC (Southern Colorado Land Navigation & Transfer Co.), which per his Timetable No. 4, was the predecessor of the Colorado & Western Railroad Co.  He is now retired and lives near Elnora, Indiana.


  • No part of this CD, in whole or in part, or the photos contained herein, in whole or in part, may be reproduced, transmitted, scanned or distributed by any manual, mechanical or electronic means or devices without express written permission from the author and publisher.
  • Neither the CD nor the contents are public shareware.  Copyright laws apply.

Photo Enlargements and Posters

  • Custom enlargements and posters of photos in the CD are available directly from the publisher.  All custom enlargements and posters are professionally printed on HP Premium Gloss photo paper.  Contact the author for details at: dabontrager@yahoo.com