Southern Colorado Land Navigation & Transfer Co.
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Master Rules
Colorado & Western Railroad Co.
Southern Colorado Land Navigation & Transfer Co.

Rule 01 (Master Rule 1)

The SCLN&TC has a long history of family ownership and upper management.  ALL rules and operating practices have been carefully and thoroughly established to insure personal enjoyment.  It is my sincerest desire that the rules and operating procedures will also provide safe—and hopefully—fun operation for guest operators.
Therefore, most complaints, and all whining and moaning, and in general, unpleasant comments pertaining to these rules, practices, procedures, operations and specifications of equipment, and in general, all railroad property, including, but not necessarily limited to, these rules, will be completely—and totally—ignored by the owner and management. In view of this rule, let it be stated herein, in an attempt to eliminate any misconceptions, and/or misconstruities, THIS IS MY RAILROAD!

Rule 02 (Master Rule 2)

In the event, however remote said event may be, there are any disagreements or arguments pertaining to the construction, operation, operating procedures, maintenance, and/or the ownership or management of the SCLN&TC, all aforementioned disagreements or arguments will be deemed unreasonable and ridiculous, up to and including, but not necessarily limited to, outrageously ludicrous, and therefore un-negotiable.
All disgruntled operators will be referred to, and all stated problems, comments, and any, singular or plural, personal idiosyncrasies pertaining to this rule, in whole or in part, or to this railroad, in whole or in part, will be resolved by Rule 01.

D. A. Bontrager:
Owner, President, CEO, & Operations Manager
Colorado & Western Railroad Co.
Southern Colorado Land Navigation & Transfer Co.