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1:64 Scale DCP

379 Peterbilt Long Wheelbase Flattop Sleeper

Black with Chrome Spread-Axle Reefer Trimmed in Black

New Tractor Details:

  • Stretched frame
  • Custom 24” tall stainless steel bumper
  • Large stainless steel bowtie visor
  • Angle cut scale 9” stainless steel stacks
  • Pickett style lower exhaust elbows
  • Full length stainless steel deck plate
  • Front fender mudflaps
  • Stepbox mudflaps
  • Scale size single CB antenna, mounted behind sleeper, black with red tips
  • Custom made seamless fuel tanks with genuine polished stainless steel straps and real chrome filler cap
  • Custom made chrome-like stainless steel panel across lower rear of sleeper
  • Stainless steel half fenders over front drive axle
  • Stainless steel contoured rear frame cover
  • Custom made rear light bar-mudflap hanger
  • Service line connectors at rear of frame, just like the real trucks

Plus the standard details:

  • Hood tilts with detailed engine
  • Front tires steer
  • Detailed under carriage

New Trailer Details:

  • Trailer axles mounted closer to the frame
  • Rear axle set all the way to the rear
  • The spread is 10’-6”
  • Quarter fenders ahead of tires
  • New kingpin installed at 24” (scale)
  • Coiled air lines and electrical cable mounted ahead of landing gear. It takes good eyes, a steady hand, small tweezers, and a flashlight to get these rascals hooked up. You’ll cuss at me, but when you finally get them hooked up, they are really neat.

More Information:

  • My method of stretching frames is the highest of quality. No butt-joints and it’s bullet proof. It’s labor intensive to build, but is as strong as the original frame.
  • The custom seamless fuel tanks are fabricated in my own shop. A labor intensive process, but very unique.
  • The fuel tank straps are genuine stainless steel, fabricated and buffed to a chrome-like finish in my shop.
  • The 24” wide (tall) stainless steel bumper was fabricated in my shop.
  • Full tilting of the hood with my bumper.
  • The CB antenna is scale size.
  • The front fender and stepbox mudflaps are made in my shop.
  • The single long deck plate was fabricated in my shop.
  • The stainless steel rear cab cover was fabricated in my shop.
  • Notice that the lower exhaust elbows are truly cylindrical, not flattened out from bending.


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