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Fatjack's Customized LargeCar - Inventory # fjlc1084

Click here to read and see explanations of Fatjack's individual customizing details. The details are not specific to any model but represent the craftsmanship used to accomplish the detail regardless of on which truck it appears.  


W900L Kenworth Daycab With 28’ Triples

Featuring "Precision Series" 1:53rd Scale Diecast by Tonkin Replicas

Custom long combination vehicle (LCV) by Fatjack's LargeCars


  • Custom-Built Kenworth W900L Daycab Single-Axle in Metallic Black
  • 28’ triple freight pups with dollies
  • All models are Precision Series and feature all of the normal Precision Series details.
  • Opening cab doors and operating rollup trailer door
  • Fully detailed interior, tractor and trailers
  • Tilting hood with fully detailed ISX Cummins engine and engine compartment
  • Complete undercarriage detail tractor and trailers
  • Operating landing leg on dollies
  • Operating landing gear on trailers


Triple freight pups are operated in many western states in the U.S. , plus the Dakotas , Kansas , Oklahoma , Indiana , and Ohio turnpikes.

Gross vehicle weight (GVW) will vary between states. In the west the GVW will vary at 106,000 lbs. or 109,000 lbs., with Montana allowing the heaviest gross of 116,000 lbs. GVW.

Overall length in the West is 105’. Long wheelbase conventional sleeper tractors are too long to pull triples, so short wheelbase daycabs or cabover sleepers are used.  


The tractor has been rebuilt into a single-drive axle, commonly referred to as single axle.

The trailers and converter gears (dollies) are stock Precision Series units.

This is a special tractor-trailer combination only available from Fatjack’s. Tonkin Replicas does not offer this combination.  

Enjoy the authenticity of Precision Series & Fatjack's LargeCars…

There’s nothing else like it!

Replicating Real Trucks with Exquisite Scale Models

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