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Fatjack's Customized LargerCar - Inventory # fjlc10313



  • Exclusively from Fatjack's LargeCars
  • If you like cool rides…You’ll love Fatjack’s
  • W900L Kenworth Daycab
  • Long Wheelbase
  • Black with Metallic Black Cherry Trim
  • Tractor only without trailer


  • "Precision Series"
  • 1:53rd Scale Diecast by Tonkin Replicas


  • Each custom truck from Fatjack’s is individually hand-built.
  • Most components are fabricated in my shop and hand-fitted to the model.


  • The tractor is a total rebuild, beginning with a completely stripped frame, and features Kenworth air-ride suspension. It is not built on a dump truck chassis.
  • The major modification is the long wheelbase. Tonkin Replicas does not offer a W900L Kenworth daycab with long wheelbase.
  • “Fatboy Fuel Tanks” which are slightly larger in diameter than Tonkin stock fuel tanks or my standard custom fuel tanks.
  • Fenders and fuel tanks are painted Fatjack’s “Metallic Black Cherry” which is a deep burgundy, but not a black burgundy.
  • Fatjack’s “Hot Pipes Muffler Toppers” are stainless steel, highly polished to a chrome-like finish. These scale out to 6.6” diameter (I normally refer to these as 7” diameter stacks).
  • The non-chrome headache rack has seven strands of black scale-size load chain hung on each side (the same chain I sell in my Parts Department). The headache rack has also been lowered.
  • Two (2) diamond grid deck plates that cover the entire frame (see close-up photo of the diamond grid). This is the same diamond grid material that I sell in my Parts Department.
  • Pogo stick with coiled service lines.
  • Polished stainless steel rear frame cover.
  • The model features all of the normal Precision Series details.
  • See other listings in my website for detail photos of the interior, engine, etc.
Click here to read and see explanations of Fatjack's individual customizing details. The details are not specific to any model but represent the craftsmanship used to accomplish the detail regardless of on which truck it appears.
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