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Fatjack's Customized LargerCar - Inventory # fjlc1029

Custom Built for Vernon Huffman

FJLC-1029 - 379 Peterbilt Mid-Roof Sleeper  

Featuring “Precision Series” 1:53rd Scale Diecast by Tonkin Replicas

This truck was custom built to a customer’s specifications. The tractor is a total rebuild from the original model.


  • Base model is Tonkin Replicas Precision Series 379X with wood grain dash.
  • Extended wheelbase on lengthened frame. I stretch frames on the models like we used to do on real trucks. The original frame is sleeved with new brass channel stock with soldered cross-members.
  • Custom “Fatboy” seamless fuel tanks with genuine polished stainless steel straps. These are my signature fuel tanks, which are slightly larger in diameter than the stock fuel tanks. The Fatboy fuel tanks come out flush with the side of the sleeper. See photos for details.
  • Base color is (now discontinued) Tonkin Replicas’ Bright Yellow. The trim color is Fatjack’s Wild Grape ( Pearl ).
  • Fatjack’s Hot Pipes (straight stacks). “Hot Pipes” are my signature stacks. I refer to these as 7-in. diameter, but they precisely scale out to 6.6-in., which is very close to the most commonly used size on real trucks. These are made from a high quality stainless steel that allows me to polish them to a chrome-like finish. The angle at the top of the stacks is machine cut at a precise 45 degree angle, with a smooth dead-on straight cut. After the stacks are polished, the inside of the tips are painted flat black.
  • Highly polished stainless steel drop sunvisor.
  • Fatjack’s “Cool Blade” 20-in. wide (tall) bumper, stainless steel polished to a chrome-like finish.
  • Polished stainless steel cowl trim. The cowl is the spacer between the hood and stepbox, directly beneath the air cleaners.
  • Small mudflaps with Peterbilt oval emblem on front fenders.
  • Polished stainless steel decks, including contoured rear frame cover.
  • Highly polished stainless steel trim cover on back wall of sleeper.
  • Pogo stick with coiled service lines.
  • CB antennas.
  • Rear of tractor slightly lowered to better replicate Peterbilt low-ride suspension.


Most components used for building the models are fabricated in my shop. Even the service lines are coiled in-house.

Custom models from Fatjack’s LargeCars are much more than simply gluing on a bunch of stuff. Each truck is truly hand-crafted one at a time. Most are built-up beginning with a bare frame.

All stainless steel is highly polished in my shop.

My primary goal is quality workmanship, not how fast I can build a model.

The "Precision Series" from Tonkin Replicas offers the ultimate in accurate detailing found in diecast trucks today.  Inside and out, from top to bottom-front to rear, it's all there!

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A custom-built truck from Fatjack’s LargeCars brings you unequaled detailing and workmanship, taking diecast trucks to new levels of excellence!

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