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2008 1:64 Scale Show Truck #2

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  • 1:64 Scale 2008 SHOW TRUCK #2
  • DCP 379 Peterbilt and Tri-Axle Stepdeck Flatbed

Tractor Features:

  • The tractor is a total rebuild
  • Lime Green trimmed in Light Purple
  • Fatjack’s famous stretched frame
  • Scratchbuilt flat drom with chrome cabinet headache rack
  • Tie down ratchets on drom
  • Lowered front end
  • Lowered rear end
  • Low profile tires on pusher axle
  • Independent fenders over pusher axle and drive tires
  • Fatjack’s front fender mudflaps
  • 4 Fatjack’s real aluminum seamless fuel tanks with chrome straps
  • New straight stacks with curved tips buffed to a chrome finish
  • Fatjack’s smooth air cleaners
  • Polished stainless steel bumper with contoured ends
  • Handmade chicken lights on lower corners of bumper
  • Fatjack’s single CB antenna at rear of cab
  • Painted deck plate
  • Painted rear frame cover with handmade tail lights
  • Air box with coiled service lines
  • Service lines are scale size and made in my shop
  • Fatjack’s scratchbuilt amber warning light bar
  • Tool box on right side (modified)
  • Round air horns
  • Fatjack’s exclusive, single chrome headlights on straight brackets (Not DCP headlights)

Trailer Features:

  • Third axle added
  • Frame painted light purple to match tractor
  • Wood on top of deck painted lime green to match tractor
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