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FJLC - 1207

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  • 1:64 Scale DCP
  • W900L Kenworth 36” (Coffin) Sleeper
  • Jones Hood - Gangster Headlights
  • Red Tractor Black Wilson Grain Trailer

Tractor Modifications Include:

  • 36” sleeper
  • Fatjack’s Cool Blade stainless steel bumper with contoured ends
  • Fatjack’s exclusive smooth air cleaners
  • Fatjack’s famous scale-size CB antennas
  • Fatjack’s turned aluminum seamless fuel tanks with chrome straps and chrome filler caps
  • Fatjack’s Hot Pipes “Grass Burner” exhausts with curved tips
  • Complete exhaust system under truck
  • Fatjack’s “ Kentucky High-Stick” shift lever, chrome lever with handmade translucent red shift knob
  • Round air horns
  • Custom made half fenders
  • Painted deck plate
  • Fatjack’s exclusive air box
  • Painted rear frame cover
  • Scratchbuilt rear light bar mudflap assembly
  • Trailer is stock
  • Coiled service lines will be made per request
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