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FJLC - 1159

. FJLC-1159

1:64 Scale DCP

W900L Kenworth Long Wheelbase Daycab

Red and Black

The new tractor details:

  • Scale 20” wide stainless steel bumper
  • Large stainless steel visor
  • Scale size 9” curved straight stacks, polished
  • Pickett style lower exhaust elbows
  • Special step boxes under doors
  • Stainless steel full fenders over drive tires
  • Full length stainless steel deck plate with airbox
  • Stainless steel contoured rear frame cover with lights
  • Stainless steel cover rear wall of cab
  • Frame mounted toolboxes
  • Front fender mudflaps
  • Scale size CB antennas, red with black tips

Plus the standard details:

  • Hood tilts with detailed engine
  • Front tires steer
  • Detailed under carriage

The details on this truck include much more than just gluing on parts.

  • The 20” wide stainless steel bumper is fabricated and buffed to a chrome-like finish in my shop.
  • Notice full tilting of the hood with my bumper.
  • The CB antennas are scale size and made in my shop.
  • The front fender mudflaps are made in my shop.
  • The special stepboxes were required in order to have the Pickett-style lower elbows. This really gives the truck a unique look.
  • The single long deck plate and airbox were fabricated in my shop.
  • The stainless steel rear cab cover was fabricated in my shop.
  • Notice that the lower exhaust elbows are truly cylindrical, not flattened out from bending.

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