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FJLC - 1147



1:64 Scale DCP

Custom-Upgrade by Fatjack's LargeCars

This is a common configuration among steel haulers in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio and is commonly referred to as 3-nines, the three axles being 9-ft. apart.

379 Peterbilt 36” sleeper, black with green stripes and cheater stripe

Trailer features black and green frame

Tractor Features New Factory Upgrades:

  • Large chrome visor
  • Painted contoured full fenders
  • Chrome deck plates
  • Curved straight stacks
  • Pickett-style lower exhaust elbows
  • Top of stacks are hollow
  • New open mesh grille
  • Dual round headlights on gangster brackets

Standard Features Include:

  • Front wheels steer
  • Hood tilts
  • Detailed engine
  • Chrome fuel tanks
  • Headache rack with chains and air lines

Replicating Real Trucks with Exquisite Scale Models

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