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FJLC - 1146



1:64 Scale DCP

Custom-Upgrade by Fatjack's LargeCars

379 Peterbilt 63” Standup Sleeper

Metallic Mocha and Raspberry with 4-Nines Flatbed

Both additional axles have dual wheels and mudflaps.

This is a common configuration among steel haulers in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio and is commonly referred to as 4-nines, the four axles being 9-ft. apart.

The Tractor Features New Factory Upgrades:

  • Painted contoured full fenders
  • Large visor
  • Chrome deck plate
  • Curved straight stacks
  • Pickett style lower elbows
  • Tops of stacks are hollow

Front wheels steer

Hood tilts

Detailed engine

Painted fuel tanks with chrome ends and straps

Bumper lights

Chrome headache with lights, chains, and service lines

Trailer frame and deck is matching raspberry

Replicating Real Trucks with Exquisite Scale Models

Fatjack's LargeCars

Hot Pipes & Cool Blades

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